The World of the Stranger 

The border between Africa and Europe is clear blue, but life threatening. Every year, thousands of African migrants risk their lives at this passage. The only way to Europe is by crossing the Mediterranean Sea and the only goal is to reach the Italian coast. In my project 'The World of the Stranger' I expose the journey of the refugee. Together with photographer Martha Kamminga, I travelled to Sicily to capture the place where refugees reach the coast and are received. We have spoken to various people who have fled from Africa to Europe. The final form of the project is a publication in which graphic design and photography meet and intertwine.

Graphic design by Machteld Blijleven
Photos by Martha Kamminga
Publication 2015

The World of the Stranger from Machteld Blijleven on Vimeo.

The World of the Stranger trailer from Machteld Blijleven on Vimeo.